Monday, May 21, 2007

Let Us Share!!

It was quite recently that I knew how intense the criticism and campaigning against a novel idea like Object Orientation are! I have a different perspective and wanted to post about it. OOP can be questioned and it should be (if it deserves). I understand that OOP is much criticised for it being a pedantic discipline! But I wish to express something else, now...................

I it is always nice to hear from you. You may want to express, share your opinion or even call this blog a scrap ..! Actually when I started the blog, I was not much confident. Constraints were more! Yet it happened!

I was not irritated by that guy who was a critique of OPP and called Object Orientation as well as this blog scraps. I don't deny the other person's right to express. I request you to share, criticize...this blog. Feel free to post a comment. It will be much appreciated, irrespective of the content. And no comments will be deleted here unless it contains socially harmful ideas!

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