Wednesday, May 16, 2007

OOP and OO Thinking..

OOP is Object Oriented Programming.But Object Oriented Thinking is different. OOP is a narrowed down thing! Object Oriented Thinking-Object Oriented Analysis, Object Oriented Design- is applied in Computer programming. Then It is named OO Programming. When I said OOPS is present everywhere I was mistaken. It would be correct if I said "Object Orientation is there". OOPS definitely is a stream or paradigm of Computer Programming. But in the broader perspective OO [Object Orientation] is a philosophical stuff. One need not be a programmer to understand Object Orientation ,Abstraction etc..It is there in his daily life. Most of us are living in a world of Object Orientation. OOPS evolved as a means of managing the complexity involved in Programming.It was resulting from the study of human cognition as well as Programming methodologies. There are many things common to the universe as well as A software. Complexity is just one of them. Chaos is there in the universe and software! Chaos is defined as 'A state of extreme disorder and confusion' by web.

The essence is Object Orientation and thus elements of Object Orientation are existent in nature. It is something which is closely related to human cognition [The conscious process of knowing or being aware of thoughts or perceptions, including understanding and reasoning].
And OO Programming[OOP] is the use of OO in programming.

Through OOPS, Programming turned out to be too real world like.....That's what happened.

And my frustration of being the 'abandoned programmer' is reaching new heights. The job is just for livelihood ..No passion!No enthusiasm! I have decided to search for another one.

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